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What are NFTs ?

You may be wondering why you’re looking at a GIF of pimped out chickens. This is in fact an nonfungible

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NFT Marketplaces on Different Blockchains

The majority of nonfungible token (NFT) marketplaces today reside on Ethereum. Yet, there is one major limitation it faces: the issue of scalability. Buying a $30 NFT can end up costing you upwards of $100 with all the gas fees.

How To Value DeFi Tokens

Decentralised Finance is inherently compelling not only as a form of capital – it’s malleability, personalisation and truly open nature

How To Swap Cryptocurrencies On A DEX?

Most newcomers into crypto will buy their first currencies on a centralized exchange. The most popular of these are Coinbase and Binance which allow you to choose from a selection of coins that are pre-approved by the exchange. This is a perfectly accessible way to buy your first tokens, especially if you're looking to invest in the larger cap currencies like Bitcoin or Experian.