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Is it Worth to Earn Real Bitcoin by Playing Mobile Solitaire?

It’s possible to play iPhone and Android solitaire games and get rewarded with real Bitcoin. But how much are you really earning?

Play-to-earn gaming has been a long-time staple for some people on Web3 – despite the trend having fizzled out. 

However, there’s still a good amount of games out there that lets you earn crypto – even Bitcoin – without the requirement of buying any NFTs in order to start. Enter the world of Bitcoin Solitaire.

Solitaire is a game that seems perfect for adding crypto rewards to its gameplay mechanics – and can be easily done on iOS and Android. With each game featuring no fewer than three competing takes, you can stack satoshis – or sats, worth 1/100,000,000 BTC – while you stack digital playing cards in games like THNDR Games’ Club Bitcoin: Solitaire, Bling Financial’s Bitcoin Solitaire, and Viker’s Solitaire – Card Game 2023.

However, the mobile gameplay experience may not be so worth it.

It’s unsurprising to meet any mobile phone user with no experience of having seen in-app video adverts, and these games are littered with them. While the games do let you earn real Bitcoin which you can then withdraw to a wallet, keep your expectations low, as you’re only getting a miniscule amount of BTC for each hour you put into each game.


THNDR Games’ Club Bitcoin: Solitaire

THNDR Games’ portfolio includes a fair amount of Bitcoin-earning mobile games – which makes this Solitaire app an appealing pick  – but is on the stingier side of things for rewards.  

Compatibility: iPhone and Android.

Average amount earned per hour: 28 satoshis, or 0.0078 USD.

Interface: Requires sitting through many video advertisements to continue playing.


Viker’s Solitaire – Card Game 2023

Probably the more obscure in terms of development team of the bunch, Viker’s Solitaire isn’t quite so good on the interface side of things. To select where to put any card, double tapping is required, making for a not-so intuitive – and slower gaming experience. 

Compatibility: iPhone and Android 

Average amount earned per hour: 60 satoshis, or 0.0167 USD.

Interface: Less streamlined by far, yet again requires sitting through many video advertisements to continue playing.


Bling Financial’s Bitcoin Solitaire

Bling Financial is yet another Bitcoin-based play-2-earn publisher, but their version of Solitaire seems to be the most generous of the bunch.

Compatibility: iPhone and Android

Average amount earned per hour: 150 satoshis, or 0.0419 USD.

Interface: Still requires sitting through many video advertisements to continue playing.


Overall verdict

In the end, if you’re looking for an easy way to earn Bitcoin semi-passively, playing mobile solitaire is not the way to go.

Looking at how much is earned by the hour, it’s safe enough to say that mobile solitaire won’t grant you any meaningful amount of bitcoin after playing it for a few hours per day – even if you’re earning money by aligning cards and watching a few video adverts in the meantime.

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