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Pharrell and Adidas Drop Digital Wearables for Doodles NFT Holders

Pharrell Williams’ brings digital and physical wearables from Adidas, Human Made, and more to the Doodles NFT bundle.

Doodles is graduating from being just an Ethereum profile picture (PFP) collection – to being fully customisable avatars

Today, Doodles launched the Doodles 2 Character Builder within its Stuudio app for its NFT holders. The Character Builder lets NFT holders change their apparel and attributes for their full-body NFTs. 

Along with the Character Builder’s launch, Doodles has announced an upcoming airdrop of goodies from Pharrell Williams and Adidas called the “Pharrell Pack,” an NFT pack featuring  digital apparel for Doodles from the musician and the fashion brands he is associated with.

Doodles CEO Julian Holguin has described Williams as “integral” to the project, being a “day-to-day influence” on the brand at WebSummit last November.


The upcoming Doodles wearables pack features digital clothing from sports and fashion brands like Adidas, Human Made, Billionaire Boys Clubs (BBC), and Ice Cream, along with a token that can be redeemed for a piece of exclusive apparel.

Pharrell Williams, the acclaimed record producer and musician has been connected to the Doodles brand since June 2022, when he was named the NFT startup’s Chief Brand Officer. At the time, Doodles was planning to release an NFT-inspired record album executive produced by Williams on Columbia Records – but no updates have surfaced yet.

Only 300 of the packs are being produced, and will be free to Doodles holders who meet a set of requirements. According to Doodles’ website, the requirements include owning an original Doodles NFT, and having used the Dooplicator NFT to generate digital apparel. If more than 300 people are eligible to redeem by a cutoff date, a lottery will be held to choose winners for the collection.


According to Joe Ranzenbach, Doodles Head of Product Management, as users equip apparel, their avatar NFT technically “owns” the apparel assets on the blockchain, meaning that they can sell their fully-equipped avatars as they’ve assembled them, all clothes bundled.

This feature can also mean that Doodles avatars can gather up unredeemed rewards in any compatible play-to-earn games, trading with all items included. In introducing the feature, Ranzenbach said more use cases may develop as metaverse games and platforms continue to support Doodles avatars after the Character Builder launch.

Ranzenbach says that Doodles has a “pipeline of brand partners” for future drops, but can’t confirm whether these brands would release standalone digital wearables for the NFT brand, or have other collaborations – but Doodles is set on going multi-chain, bringing more possibilities to the brand.

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